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Scholarships FAQs

If my parent is a member and I'm a joint owner on their account, am I eligible for a Dorothy J. Hall Scholarship?

To be eligible, you must have your own membership account that was opened at least six (6) months before the scholarship deadline. Consider joining now so you'll be eligible to apply in the future.

I'm a graduate student. Am I eligible for a Dorothy J. Hall Scholarship?

The scholarship program was established to help student members working toward their first degree, so only undergraduate students are eligible.

Is there an age limit for Dorothy J. Hall Scholarship applicants?

No, there are no age restrictions for applicants. Any VACU member who is pursuing an undergraduate degree may apply.

How many credit hours per semester do I need to be taking to qualify for a Dorothy J. Hall Scholarship?

You must be taking or planning to take at least nine (9) semester hours in an accredited college or university.

As a previous Dorothy J. Hall Scholarship winner, am I eligible to apply?

The scholarship program is a one-time award and previous winners are not eligible.

I belong to another credit union, but not Virginia Credit Union. Are there other scholarships for which I may qualify?

If you're a high school senior, you may want to check with your own credit union or look into the Richmond Chapter of Credit Unions Scholarship.

You may be eligible to join Virginia Credit Union.

If you're not yet a member, consider joining now so you'll be eligible to apply for Virginia Credit Union scholarships in the future.